Having your Custom Home built will inevitably raise many questions. We’re here to help you find clarity on any and all areas of unknown.

How much will my home cost to complete?2019-01-04T19:33:59-08:00

Determining the price of a home prior to having plans is impossible. Often, people want to understand costs in advance to use as a feasibility tool.

Once the Merle Inc. team has a set of preliminary plans, we can provide wide ranges of cost for the home. Square footage, complexity and finishes all impact the final costs. The finishes and components like windows, roofing, flooring, trim and cabinetry have the largest variable impact.

What’s the best way to save money on a project?2018-11-20T18:37:06-08:00

The easiest way to save money is to build a smaller home. While not all square footage is created equal, smaller homes and multiple story homes cost less.

Another way to save money is to plan for shared spaces. A guest room that also serves as a den or office will provide useful space and result in less square footage.

It’s important to examine your window selections for utility as well as aesthetics. Many plans can be built with significantly fewer windows while maintaining the same look. Less glass results in savings when it comes to framing labor and materials.

Why do we need homeowner insurance?2018-11-20T18:38:37-08:00

The insurable interests of the parties are different. The contractor insurance covers a considerable risk envelope for liability and materials not attached physically to the home.

The homeowner actually owns the real estate and all things attached to it. For example, if a window package is delivered to the project site and the items are damaged prior to installation, the contractor’s insurance covers the loss. If the windows are damaged after installation, the homeowner insurance covers the loss.

How long will my project take to complete?2018-11-20T18:39:19-08:00

Schedules are affected by a number of influences. Subcontractor scheduling and availability greatly impacts the timeline. Weather is another factor we cannot control. While we do continue building throughout the winter months, weather conditions determine productivity. Client decisions and the complexity of the project also impact the overall timeline.

I noticed that several items were not included in the Merle Projected Spending Plan. Why are they not included?2018-11-20T18:42:35-08:00

Certain fees that are tied to real estate are the responsibility of the homeowner.

A survey is an essential part of any project. The fees for these services are negotiated between the land owner and the property owner. Resort fees, landscaping fees and septic are also negotiated between the homeowner and the appropriate government authority, landscape design entity or resort.

Septic design and installation services are regulated by the county or city and are the responsibility of the homeowner. Septic system design is highly dependent on the surrounding soil conditions and the size of the home.